About Us


Started operations with a single Bright bar factory in Faridabad, Haryana, in 1971.

It has since expanded and diversified into:

  • – Electric Mobility

  • – High-tech Auto Components

  • – Infrastructure

  • -Supply Chain Management Services

  • – Trading

  • – Sports

Innovation, design, and safety

have forever been the foundations of our

"Full Mobility Solution"

philosophy, and our network of trusted dealers always have our back.
In a short while, since our inception, we've set up several establishments across the country. And with the projects we've envisioned for the future, we know that this is just the beginning.


We’re all about intelligent, agile engineering, driven by data and analytics. We aim to fast-track future mobility, with green energy at our core


Be the most agile clean energy company at the cutting-edge of India’s sustainability solutions.



At OSM, we want to be nimble, future-focused, data-driven, dream big and drive innovation.


We want to drive tomorrow’s technology today.


Engineering is our passion; engineered architecture is what we build our products on


At OSM, data and analytics drive our green energy dream.


Backed by years of capability, we lead by performance.


OSM is about building disruptive technologies, transforming transportation


A solution is half-done if it can’t solve the last-mile pain. We aim to connect every corner.


Put design, data & analytics into every piece of clean energy project we put on the road.


Uday Narang

Uday Narang

Founder, Omega Seiki Mobility

Born in New Delhi Uday is an MBA in Finance from Stonybrook University, New York. Uday initially made his mark in the commodity and energy trading industry, where he gained widespread acclaim as one of the world’s most innovative fund managers in electricity, at a time when deregulation was taking hold of the US markets.
He founded Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) in 2018. Nurturing it to become the Tesla of the East for cargo vehicles the company is based in New Delhi with a vision to build a Pan Asia brand.
He went on to lead oil, gas and power trading portfolios in several leading trading firms in America before moving to Europe as the President of a major energy trading corporation.

Uday’s keen eye for right partners who share his passion for growth and mutual rewards, has resulted in the consistent evolution and unrivalled growth of the Anglian brand. While keeping the existing automotive parts business rising to new heights, Uday entered the world of electric vehicles with the OSM brand with the pure electric three-wheeler Rage+. This was followed by India’s first refrigerated electric vehicle – Rage+ Frost.

He further plans to expand OSM to enter B2B business with two-wheelers, while also bringing a pure-electric Made-in-India medium and heavy commercial vehicle.

Dr Deb Mukherji

Dr Deb Mukherji

Managing Director, Omega Seiki Mobility

An industry veteran, Dr Deb Mukherji is the Managing Director at Omega Seiki Mobility, India’s fastest growing last mile connectivity solutions provider. After completing his Masters from IIT Delhi, Deb received his PhD from Jamia Millia Islamia.

He uses a data driven approach in working towards India’s Switch to Electric. A firm advocate of Make in India, his guidance has been instrumental in birth of Rage+ and Rage+ Frost, Omega Seiki’s indigenously developed electric three-wheeler cargo vehicles running on clean energy.

A regular speaker at industry events, Deb believes in enhancing industry competitiveness by using technological innovations paving the way to Industry 4.0. Deb has also played a key role in setting up several greenfield facilities in India as well as around the world, including Mexico and Thailand.

Neeraj Kumar Budhiraja

Neeraj Kumar Budhiraja

Chief Finance Officer, Omega Seiki Mobility

Neeraj Budhiraja is an enthusiastic and result oriented finance management professional having over 23 years of experience in finance and accounts, Risk control management, ERP systems, auditing and taxation. Working at various senior levels, Neeraj had been instrumental in designing policies and procedures during his tenure with Gabriel, Aristocrat and Reckitt Benckiser.

A Post Graduate in Business Management (Finance) from Symbiosis, Pune, and certified professional in Applied Financial Risk Management from IIM Kozhikode, Neeraj joined Omega Seiki Mobility in May 2020 as Chief financial officer in Omega group of companies.

Linking organisation’s strategic mission and vision to measurable financial goals, Neeraj is leading Omega Seiki Mobility to great heights and achieve operating results ensuring financial equilibrium.

Vivek Dhawan

Vivek Dhawan

Director, Sales, Marketing and Service, OSM

Coming from a background of Electrical Engineering Vivek Dhawan went on to finish his PBM in Marketing from IIM Bangalore. An early starter in the field of electric vehicles, Vivek has a keen knowledge of the ecosystem.

Before joining OSM, Vivek has been associated with several multinational companies including the likes of Siemens, Crompton Greaves, and Panasonic.

Growing up in the Union Territory of Chandigarh he is a firm believer in planning and is tasked with bringing in a new breath of life in the organisation structure of Omega Seiki Mobility. Adding to the icing on the cake is his nearly three decade of industry experience in the fields of sales and service.

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