Asst Manager Product development

You’ll be our: Manager- EV Integration

You’ll be based at: Jasola, New Delhi

You’ll be a member of: NPD Team

What you’ll do at Omega Seiki Mobility: 

  • Analyse customer product specifications and applicable regulations/legislations for their area of the programme
  • Define the product functional analysis (based on standard) to translate customer specifications and internal requirements into clear product performance criteria
  • Agree the material choice proposed is able to meet mechanical performance requirements EV Vehicle Bill of material & Cost target control.
  • Support the creation and maintenance of process documentation associated with the analysis process
  • Give the necessary inputs to the Design Engineer to ensure that the design meets the defined performance
  • Participate in DFMEA processes (based on standards) and make sure tests that are identified as recommended actions are incorporated
  • Subjectively and objectively assess component stability performance in a repeatable, safe manner Use EV vehicle based instrumentation to gather on-vehicle data
  • Use gathered data alongside subjective evaluation to identify parameter changes to drive the desired change in system and vehicle performance
  • Work closely with suppliers to determine parameter changes According to validation/measurement results, define necessary product improvements to meet the Specifications
  • Lead the product validations for their area of the programme
  • Define, plan, and follow the product validations
  • Define the product improvements to meet the specifications
  • Interfacing with internal/external clients to deliver updates, design recommendations and analysis results
  • Preparation of detailed technical presentations for both internal and Supplier project engineering review
  • Support reaching the quality, costs and delivery targets of the program
  • Support design review and contribute to achievement of Engineering Milestones as well as Customer
  • Program Milestones
  • Contribute to continuous improvement activities and Quality control of work by appropriate reviews
  • Write reports and present progress at project meetings and to clients
  • Achieve goals within budget
  • Conduct benchmarking studies to determine best practices/designs and future trends
  • Attend various meetings and action/communicate instructions
  • Produce written reports and make presentations
  • Undertake continuous training and development
  • Perform root cause analysis and resolve problems

Here’s what we are looking for:

5 years experience

Required Qualifications:

Bachelors Degree in Electrical/Electronic engineering

Skills Required:

  • Independently determines approach to assigned tasks
  • Analytical and numeracy skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills with high attention to detail
  • A creative, logical approach for generating new ideas and solutions, with the ability to transition through to part development
  • A sound knowledge of computer aided design (CAD) software, technical drawings and 3D modelling
  • An excellent grasp of engineering and design principles
  • A knowledge of the qualities of metals and other materials
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • An understanding of manufacturing processes and construction methods  
  • Ability to plan and organise through several project stages
  • An appreciation of wider business demands
  • An awareness of the environmental impact of design ideas
  • Strong PC skills, including Microsoft Project
  • Able to effectively train his/her work group and effectively support work teams within the work group.
  • Able to give effective presentations to general audiences and write convincing proposals and reports with all necessary backup material for department consumption
  • Knowledgeable in some technical areas of the group’s scope, or having demonstrated ability to achieve a high level of proficiency in a short period of time
  • Involved in projects involving multiple people
  • Ability to support group to achieve goals within budget
  • Demonstrated fiscal responsibility
  • Ability to work well with others in a team environment, providing input and feedback in a helpful manner
  • Ability to effectively communicate organisational goals to team
  • Able to interact well with vendors
  • Able to exercises some latitude and technical judgement in deciding work methods
NPD Job in OSM
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