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Best Affordable Battery Rickshaw Price in Karnataka - Omega Seiki Mobility

We provide the most economical battery rickshaw price in Karnataka. As an expert in the production of electric vehicles, it offers battery rickshaws that are affordable, effective, and of excellent quality, built to satisfy a wide range of consumer demands. Their dedication to sustainability and affordability guarantees you will receive the most from your investment.

Top Factors Influencing Battery Rickshaw Prices in Karnataka

Several factors influence the pricing of battery rickshaws in Karnataka:

Battery Type and Capacity: Longer lasting but often more expensive batteries have higher capacities.

Vehicle Specifications: The total cost is influenced by motor power, build quality, and design factors.

Brand Reputation: Well-known brands like Omega Seiki Mobility may have higher prices but ensure reliability and quality.

Market Demand: Prices can vary based on the demand and supply dynamics in the region.

Two Main Categories of Three-Wheeler Segment by Omega Seiki Mobility

Transportation - Cargo Purpose:

We offer a range of three-wheelers designed specifically for cargo transportation. These vehicles are built to handle heavy loads, providing efficient and reliable transport solutions for goods and materials. With features like high payload capacity, durable construction, and efficient electric powertrains, these cargo Three-wheelers ensure smooth and cost-effective logistics operations.


Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 151 km

Gradeability- 16%

Charging Duration- 3 hours

Rapid Pro 2.1

Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 117 km

Gradeability- 16%

Charging Duration- 45 Minutes

Rage+ ATR

Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 45 km

Gradeability- 16%

Payload Capacity – 550 Kg

2. Passenger :

Our passenger-purpose three-wheelers are tailored for public transport and personal use, offering comfortable seating and a smooth ride. These vehicles are ideal for urban commutes, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional auto-rickshaws. Equipped with advanced safety features and reliable performance, they are designed to meet the needs of daily commuters and public transportation systems.

OSM Rage+

Battery: High-capacity lithium-ion

Range: Up to 151 km per charge

Features: Robust build, advanced suspension, spacious design

OSM Stream City

Battery: Advanced lithium-ion

Range: Up to 117 km per charge

Features: Urban-friendly design, superior battery life, low maintenance

Charge Duration: 4 Hours

OSM Stream

Battery: Lead-acid or lithium-ion options
Range: Up to 100 km per charge
Features: Efficient motor, ergonomic seating, enhanced safety features
Charge Duration: 4 Hours

Where to Find the Best Deals on Battery Rickshaws in Karnataka

To find the best deals on battery rickshaw price in Karnataka, consider the following:

Manufacturer Websites: Explore our official website, for direct deals and promotions, or contact us for information about the latest deals.

Authorized Dealers: Check with our authorized dealers, who often provide competitive prices and additional services.

Suppose you live near Karnataka or a nearby region and want the best deal on battery rickshaws. Talk with our experts right now to ensure that your demands are

Why Choose Us for the Best Battery Rickshaw Price in Karnataka

To find the best deals on battery rickshaw price in Karnataka, consider the following:

Affordability: Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Customer Support: Top-notch after-sales support and maintenance services.

Reliability: High-performance rickshaws backed by the expertise of a leading manufacturer.

Sustainability: Eco-friendly options that contribute to a greener environment.

Our company has six years of expertise and has four manufacturing facilities: one in Pune and three in Faridabad. This ensures that the company can produce widely across many areas

FAQs for Battery Rickshaw Price in Karnataka

As the leading provider of battery rickshaws in Karnataka, we have a large stock of replacement parts to guarantee prompt and effective maintenance and repairs. To keep your vehicle operating smoothly, our approved service locations are staffed with qualified experts and authentic replacement components.
Range depends on several variables, including speed, road conditions, vehicle weight, and battery limit. Electric three-wheelers typically have a range of up to 151 kilometers between charges.
Consider factors such as battery capacity, range, load capacity, and brand reputation. Consulting with a reputable manufacturer like Omega Seiki Mobility can help you make an informed decision.
Omega Seiki Mobility offers comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance services, warranty coverage, and customer assistance to ensure your rickshaw remains in excellent condition.
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