Rage+ Frost

Top speed
45 km/h

Charging time
3-4 hours

80 km+

400 kg

Outer Dimensions 1660x1474x1400
Inner Dimensions 1560x1374x1300
Inner Volume 100 CFT
External Skin GRP Sheet 1.5 mm
Internal Skin GRP Sheet 1.5 mm
PUF 50 mm PUF, In-house produced using DOW polyol and ISO
Density 40 +/- 2 Kgm-3, with FR grade PUF
Sub Frame Galvanized iron profile 2 mm structure
Floor Sandwich flooring, 2mm grp reinforced, 50 mm PUF with GI Omega Structure, Layered with 4mm thick waterproof marine grade plywood with anti-Skid GRP Pasted on plywood
Floor Finish Aluminum checkered sheet width- 200 X1.2mm Qty. 03 Nos.
Sidewall, Front Wall, Roof 3 Layer Panel, GRP Sheet 1.5mm+ 50mm Puf+ GRP Sheet 1.5mm
Door The Insulated Body will have a one-piece FRP Shell – Fitted with J rubber gas kit and SS lockset and hinges. 270 degree opening.
Door inner skin GRP sheet
door outer skin GRP sheet with plywood
Door seal J rubber EPDM composite Sealing
Door hinges SS hinges
Lockset SS looking set mechanism
Base frame 3MM MS Z, Section frame is integrated with chassis using GI forks and u bolts/ brackets
Extrusions- corner Aluminum profile 2MM
Range 80km/Charge
Vehicle warranty 3 years or 80000kms (Whichever is earlier)
Loading Capacity Up to 400kg
Rage frost
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