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UNOXpress is our brand under which OSM operates last mile logistics services. Last mile delivery is considered most difficult in terms of the complexity it brings to the business. Geographical diversity, difficult terrain and accessibility and unmapped areas across many parts of the country add to this complexity. To be successful in the last mile business you need to have a very high-quality vehicle and a very efficient software platform to manage the last mile.

We are using our 2 and 3 wheelers as part of UNOXPress. Very soon pick-up trucks shall be part of this service. These are all electric highly efficient, non-polluting vehicles available 24X7.


These are achieved by an intelligent system based on OSM-GRID. The system plots best optimised routes, has in built queuing system, tracking and correcting system for deliveries online. The data processing system is cloud based and has an app-based monitoring and use system.


Efficiency is the most important part of a good logistics delivery system. It can make the difference between successful and non-successful business. New age businesses like e-commerce are based on logistics platform, for whom on time deliveries, quick turn-around-time and high up-time are key requisites. Robust vehicle quality ensures high up-time. However, logistics system needs to be managed by technology to ensure optimised delivery systems. Our OSM-GRID is the software platform which ensures highest level of efficiency working across multiple stakeholders like warehousing, cold chain, trucking, packaging, and last mile delivery.


Accuracy of delivery is extremely important to the customers in e-commerce segments. The accuracy of delivery is assured by our huge data pool. The software tracks down the delivery address and ensures a flawless service.


UNOXpress is software agnostics and integrates across several platforms seamlessly. The GPS based system can plot the most efficient route, track vehicle, geo fence and remotely manage in case of any deviations from set route. The system also red flags and system alerts route, delivery deviations to the control room.

We are expanding our pan india network of vehicles, touch points and channel partners to scale up UNOXpress rapidly. Today we are present in 100+ cities in the North, South, East and Western regions. We are entering several tierII and smaller towns now with our fleets of 2/3 wheelers.

UNOXpress is designed for various last mile users.

We are currently active in the following domain:



Auto Parts


We are looking to add several more categories using the domain knowledge gained in the above logistics segments. We are looking scale up UNOXpress into a Pan India large logistics service catering to multiple segments. We are also going to enter several ASEAN and African countries.

UNOXPress is a branded logistics service focussed on customer service and highest quality delivery experience.

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