Electric Three Wheeler in Telangana

Discover the Best Electric Three Wheeler in Telangana at Omega Seiki Mobility

We offer the best electric three wheeler in Telangana, designed to provide efficient, eco-friendly transportation.Our electric vehicle in Telangana Established in 2018 and with six years of experience, our vehicles are built with advanced technology to ensure top performance and reliability. Whether for personal use or business, our electric three-wheelers meet the diverse needs of our customers in Telangana. Explore our website today and discover the electric three-wheeler that perfectly suits your needs!
As a leading provider of electric three-wheeler in Telangana, we are committed to sustainability and innovation. Our three-wheelers are cost-effective and help reduce environmental impact, making them the ideal choice for modern transportation needs. Contact us now to learn more about our models and services!

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Three Wheeler in Telangana

When purchasing an electric three wheeler in Telangana, consider factors like battery life, charging infrastructure, and maintenance support. Ensure the vehicle has a reliable battery with a good range to meet your daily needs.
Check the availability of charging stations in your area and the manufacturer’s after-sales service. Our electric vehicle in Telangana offers comprehensive support and reliable electric three-wheelers in Telangana to ensure a smooth ownership experience. Contact us today to learn more about our after-sales services and charging solutions.

Major Advantages for Buying Electric Three-Wheeler in Telangana

Choosing an electric three-wheeler in Telangana offers numerous benefits. These cars cause no emissions and lessen pollutants, making them eco-friendly. They are also cost-effective, with lower operating costs than traditional fuel vehicles.
Additionally, government incentives and subsidies make owning an electric three-wheeler in Telangana even more attractive. Enjoy savings on fuel and maintenance while contributing to a cleaner environment. Discover your savings with Omega Seiki Mobility’s electric three-wheelers!
Do you need help finding the perfect electric three-wheeler in Telangana? Omega Seiki Mobility’s experts are here to chat—contact us now!

Why Choose Our Electric Three-Wheeler Models in Telangana?

We offer superior electric three-wheeler in Telangana models that stand out for their performance, durability, and efficiency. Our vehicles are designed with the latest technology to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Our Electric vehicle in Telangana include:

Two Main Categories of Three-Wheeler Segment by Omega Seiki Mobility

1. Transportation - Cargo Purpose:

We offer a range of Three-wheelers specifically designed for cargo transportation. These vehicles are built to handle heavy loads, providing efficient and reliable transport solutions for goods and materials. With features like high payload capacity, durable construction, and efficient electric powertrains, these cargo Three-wheelers ensure smooth and cost-effective logistics operations.


Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 151 km

Gradeability- 16%

Charging Duration- 3 hours

Rapid Pro 2.1

Top Speed- 45 kmph
Typical Driving Range- 117 km
Gradeability- 16%
Charging Duration- 45 Minutes

Rage+ ATR

Top Speed- 45 kmph
Typical Driving Range- 45 km
Gradeability- 16%
Payload Capacity – 550 Kg

2. Passenger :

Our passenger-purpose three-wheelers are tailored for public transport and personal use, offering comfortable seating and a smooth ride. These vehicles are ideal for urban commutes, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional auto-rickshaws. Equipped with advanced safety features and reliable performance, they are designed to meet the needs of daily commuters and public transportation systems.

OSM Rage+

Battery: High-capacity lithium-ion

Range: Up to 151 km per charge

Features: Robust build, advanced suspension, spacious design

OSM Stream

Battery: Lead-acid or lithium-ion options
Range: Up to 100 km per charge
Features: Efficient motor, ergonomic seating, enhanced safety features
Charge Duration: 4 Hours

OSM Stream City

Battery: Advanced lithium-ion
Range: Up to 117 km per charge
Features: Urban-friendly design, superior battery life, low maintenance
Charge Duration: 4 Hours
We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing extensive after-sales support and maintenance services. Choose our electric three-wheeler in Telangana for a reliable, eco-friendly transportation solution. Learn more about our models and find the perfect fit for your needs!

FAQs - Electric Three-Wheeler in Telangana

Omega Seiki Mobility’s electric three-wheeler in Telangana is designed with cutting-edge technology for superior performance and reliability. We focus on sustainability, offering eco-friendly vehicles that are cost-effective and efficient. Our vehicles are manufactured in our state-of-the-art plants, with three in Faridabad and one in Pune.
The range of our electric three-wheelers in Telangana varies by model. For instance, the Rage + Rapid EV Pro offers a range of 117 km, while the Rage + Go provides 147 km. Each model is designed to meet our customers’ daily commuting needs.
Our electric three-wheeler in Telangana requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional vehicles. Regular checks of the battery, brakes, and tyres are essential, and we provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. Contact our support team for more details on maintenance.
Omega Seiki Mobility is a trusted name in the electric vehicle industry. We offer high-quality electric three-wheelers in Telangana with exceptional after-sales support, ensuring a seamless and satisfying ownership experience. With four manufacturing plants and a commitment to innovation, we deliver top-tier electric vehicles tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information and to purchase your electric three-wheeler today.
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