Electric Truck Supplier in Jharkhand

Your Trusted Electric Truck Supplier in Jharkhand: Omega Seiki Mobility

Welcome to Omega Seiki Mobility, your premier Electric Truck supplier in Jharkhand, established in 2018. As a pioneering name in the Electric Vehicle industry, Omega Seiki Mobility now has four manufacturing plants, three in Faridabad and one in Pune, committed to driving the future of sustainable transportation. Our state-of-the-art electric trucks are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across a wide range of industries, combining efficiency, reliability, and eco-friendliness.
We at Omega Seiki Mobility understand the unique challenges businesses face in Jharkhand. Our electric trucks are designed and curated to provide powerful performance while ensuring minimal environmental impact. With zero emissions and lower operating costs, our vehicles help you achieve your green goals.

Best Deal from Electric Truck Supplier in Jharkhand

We are the leading electric truck manufacturers in Jharkhand. Our trucks feature advanced technology, robust battery life, and innovative features, ensuring the best performance at the most competitive prices. Whether you need a truck for urban deliveries or long-distance haulage, we have the right model to meet your requirements.
M1KA is one of our best electric trucks, with the best features to buy and elevate your business.

01. Interior and Comfort

Plush interiors with foldable seats
Multifunctional steering wheel

Spacious cabin: 1995mm wide

02. Cooling and Battery

Cooling Method: Liquid Cooling

Battery Type: LiFeP04

Rated Battery Voltage: 537.6V

Total Battery Capacity: 96.77 kWh

03. Performance

Range: 180km

Maximum Speed: 90 km/h

Maximum Gradeability: 30%

Power: 130 kW

04. Dimensions

Front/Rear Tread: 1700mm/1710mm

Wheelbase: 3360mm

Spacious cabin: 1995mm wide

Front Overhang: 1080mm

Rear Overhang: 1520mm

05. Infotainment

8-inch touchscreen onboard

06. Tyres

Tire Type: 215/75R17.5

07. Weight and Braking

Brake Type: Front/Rear Drum with ABS

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 5500kg

08. Charging

Charging Standard: CCS2

Equipped with DC Fast Charging

Why Choose Us as Your Electric Truck Manufacturers in Jharkhand?

Unmatched Innovation:

We do everything at the core of innovation or innovative technology. Our electric trucks have cutting-edge technology, ensuring the best performance, durability, and efficiency. From advanced battery systems to intelligent software, our vehicles are designed to meet the demands of modern businesses while reducing environmental impact.

Sustainability Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. Our electric trucks produce zero emissions, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a green and clean planet. Our Electric Trucks enhance a customer’s operational efficiency and support global environmental goals.

Cost Efficiency: Our electric trucks offer significant cost savings over traditional diesel vehicles. With lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance expenses, and many government incentives and rebates, our electric trucks’ total cost of ownership is remarkably lower. This makes them a financially sound investment for businesses looking to optimize their logistics.

Comprehensive Support: At Omega Seiki Mobility, we provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the smooth operation of your electric trucks. Our services include regular maintenance, access to a network of charging stations, and prompt assistance to our consumers. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that different businesses have unique needs. That’s why we offer various electric truck models that serve various applications, from urban deliveries to long-route transportation. Our customization options allow you to choose the features and specifications that best suit your operational requirements.

Proven Reliability: With a strong track record of delivering high-quality electric vehicles, Omega Seiki Mobility has earned the trust of numerous customers and businesses across Jharkhand. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive reliable, high-performance trucks that stand the test of time.

Local Expertise: As a leading electric truck manufacturers in Jharkhand and a member of the Jharkhand community, Omega Seiki Mobility has a deep understanding of the local market and its challenges. This local expertise allows us to provide solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses in the region.

FAQs For Electric Truck Supplier in Jharkhand

The Indian government offers various incentives and rebates for purchasing electric vehicles, including subsidies, tax benefits, and reduced registration fees. These incentives can lower the overall cost of owning an electric truck.
Our electric trucks require less maintenance than traditional diesel trucks. Only a few things are important to watch, like battery health, electrical systems, and software updates. Regular servicing boosts the truck’s performance and longevity.
You can contact our sales team through our website or visit our dealership in Jharkhand. Our representatives will guide you through the purchasing process, financing options, and other available rebates.
The range of our electric trucks varies by model and load conditions, but most vehicles are designed to travel with an expected range of 180 Km on a single charge.
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