Electric Vehicles Manufacturer in Jharkhand

Leading Electric Vehicles Manufacturer in Jharkhand: Omega Seiki Mobility

We entered the EV market to contribute to India’s greener future. Established in 2018 and rising so fast, it has since been recognised as one of the Best Electric Vehicles Manufacturer in Jharkhand. The company has four manufacturing plants, three in Faridabad and one in Pune. It promotes the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate environmental negative effects caused by traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.
For those seeking electric vehicle in Jharkhand, our innovative solutions cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation. Additionally, our electric three wheeler in Jharkhand provide a sustainable alternative for both personal and commercial use, ensuring a cleaner and greener future for the state.

Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing Best Electric Vehicles Manufacturer in Jharkhand

Environmental Sustainability: As a leading electric vehicles manufacturer in Jharkhand, we focus on the reliability and performance of the vehicle that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid air pollution. Our range of electric vehicles operates on clean energy sources, reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Cost Savings: Buying electric vehicles from one of the leading manufacturers in Jharkhand can save you money in the long run. In addition to lower operating costs, electric vehicles have minimal maintenance requirements and potential incentives such as tax credits and rebates, so owners benefit from reduced fuel expenses, minimal maintenance requirements, and fewer operating expenses.

Innovative Technology: We are at the creative core of manufacturing electric vehicles and deliver the best of innovative technologies. Through our investment in research and development, we incorporate innovative components, such as regenerative braking, smart connectivity features, and advanced battery management systems, into our vehicles.

Top Electric Auto Manufacturers in Jharkhand

We are the Top Auto manufacturers in Jharkhand. As a leading manufacturer of electric autos, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and reliable electric vehicle solutions that are both eco-friendly and reliable, with six years of experience in the EV Industry. Our electric auto range is renowned for its affordable price, superior performance, durability, and advanced technology, making it a preferred choice for consumers looking for sustainable mobility options. Our range of Electric Passenger Autos are:
Through innovation, technology, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, we are revolutionizing how people commute and creating a cleaner, greener future for future generations. Our electric vehicle in Jharkhand are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency.
Furthermore, our electric three wheeler in Jharkhand provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional vehicles, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and a healthier environment. Choose Omega Seiki Mobility for your next electric vehicle in Jharkhand and join us in paving the way towards sustainable transportation.

Two Main Categories of Three-Wheeler Segment by Omega Seiki Mobility

1. Transportation - Cargo Purpose:

We offer a range of Three-wheelers specifically designed for cargo transportation. These vehicles are built to handle heavy loads, providing efficient and reliable transport solutions for goods and materials. With features like high payload capacity, durable construction, and efficient electric powertrains, these cargo Three-wheelers ensure smooth and cost-effective logistics operations.


Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 151 km

Gradeability- 16%

Charging Duration- 3 hours

Rapid Pro 2.1

Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 117 km

Gradeability- 16%

Charging Duration- 45 Minutes

Rage+ ATR

Top Speed- 45 kmph

Typical Driving Range- 45 km

Gradeability- 16%

Payload Capacity – 550 Kg

2. Passenger :

Our passenger-purpose three-wheelers are tailored for public transport and personal use, offering comfortable seating and a smooth ride. These vehicles are ideal for urban commutes, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional auto-rickshaws. Equipped with advanced safety features and reliable performance, they are designed to meet the needs of daily commuters and public transportation systems.

OSM Rage+

Battery: High-capacity lithium-ion

Range: Up to 151 km per charge

Features: Robust build, advanced suspension, spacious design

OSM Stream City

Battery: Advanced lithium-ion

Range: Up to 117 km per charge

Features: Urban-friendly design, superior battery life, low maintenance

Charge Duration: 4 Hours

OSM Stream

Battery: Lead-acid or lithium-ion options
Range: Up to 100 km per charge
Features: Efficient motor, ergonomic seating, enhanced safety features
Charge Duration: 4 Hours

Why Choose Omega Seiki Mobility for Electric Auto Manufacturers in Jharkhand

We are committed to environmental conservation and a sustainable, innovative approach. When buying an electric vehicle, you invest in quality, reliability, and innovation. Here we have some reasons for why our electric auto stands out from others: Choose Omega Seiki Mobility for your next electric three wheeler in Jharkhand and experience the difference in quality and sustainability.

01. Value for Money

We believe in offering value for money to our crucial customers through the unbeatable combination of innovation, performance, and quality.

02. Innovative Design

We focus not only on engineering to create functional vehicles but also on pushing the boundaries of design to create aesthetically pleasing ones.

03. Support & Service

Our dedicated support team always stands behind us with an approachable service network and ensures prompt customer assistance.

04. Quality Craftsmanship

Our electric autos are built with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring superior durability and quality.

05. Environmentally Friendly

Our electric autos are designed to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution caused by fuel.

FAQs For Electric Auto Manufacturers in Jharkhand

Our electric vehicles are designed to be versatile and operable in urban and rural environments.
Yes, we provide warranty coverage for our electric vehicles, which includes protection against manufacturing defects and parts failures.
Yes, the government offers various subsidies and offers to promote electric vehicles, including taxes and rebates.
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