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Electric Vehicles Manufacturer in Maharashtra - Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Mobility remains a leading Electric vehicle manufacturer in Maharashtra, leading development and innovation in the automotive industry. As one of the best electric auto manufacturers in Maharashtra, we are focused on conveying top-notch vehicles that combine state-of-the-art innovation with eco-cordiality.

One of the Leading Manufacturers of Electric Auto Solutions

Omega Seiki Mobility stands apart as one of the leading names in the business, known for its greatness as an electric vehicles manufacturer in Maharashtra.Omega Seiki Mobility was established in 2018 and our responsibility to development and sustainability has placed us as one of the top electric auto manufacturers in Maharashtra, offering the best possible solution for a greener future.
Omega Seiki Mobility fully commits to its various areas of involvement. From electric rickshaws to small trucks and commercial vehicles, we take care of the needs of organizations and people across Maharashtra. Our company operates 4 manufacturing facilities, with 3 located in Faridabad and 1 in Pune, ensuring widespread production capabilities across multiple locations.
Our vehicles are engineered to provide exceptional efficiency, superior performance, and unparalleled quality, guaranteeing a reliable driving experience.

Omega Seiki Mobility Offers a wide range of electric vehicles

Two Vehicle (Mopido): Our two vehicles offer a boot space of 15 liters, powered by a BLDC motor with 250 watts of maximum power and 20 Nm of peak torque. With a top speed of 25 kmph and a range of 100 km, it ensures reliable transportation. The vehicle features a 2.15 kWh battery capacity, a combi braking system, and telescopic front suspension for enhanced safety and comfort.
Three Vehicle: Omega Seiki Mobility offers electric vehicles with impressive specifications. The Rage+ and Frost models boast a payload capacity of 550 kg and a top speed of 45 kmph. Battery capacity ranges from 7.7 kWh to 10.8 kWh, ensuring power for extended journeys. True ranges vary, with options up to 151 km for the Rage+. Charging times range from 45 minutes to 3 hours, maximizing productivity.

Simplifying the Way in Electric Transporting Solutions

At Omega Seiki Mobility, we’re dedicated to using our revolutionary electric solutions to make transportation easier for both individuals and organizations. As a leading provider of electric vehicles manufacturer in Maharashtra, we’re committed to changing the sector and encouraging environmentally friendly transportation choices for everybody.
Our goal is to make mobility easier by providing a large selection of electric vehicle models to satisfy different needs and interests. We offer the ideal option to satisfy your needs, whether you’re searching for electric minitrucks for business deliveries or electric rickshaws for urban transportation.
Our electric vehicles’ ease of operation ranks as one of their main benefits. Our vehicles are easy to operate and maintain, manufactured by electric auto manufacturers in Maharashtra making them appropriate for drivers of all skill levels. They also include user-friendly features and simple controls. You can count on our electric vehicles to deliver an effortless and seamless driving experience, no matter your level of driving experience.

Benefits to Choose Omega Seiki Mobility for Electric Vehicles

Find out why selecting Omega Seiki Mobility for your electric vehicle requirements has so many advantages. With over six years of expertise in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of high-quality products and services for electric auto manufacturers in Maharashtra. As a leading electric vehicle supplier, we take great satisfaction in providing excellent goods and services that meet your transportation needs with unmatched quality, Trusted by many users.
If you live near Maharashtra or a nearby region and looking for an electric vehicles manufacturer in Maharashtra. Speak with our professionals right now to successfully meet your needs.

Omega Seiki Mobility is distinguished primarily by its dedication to quality and innovation. We are committed to pushing the limits of electric vehicle technology.

Together with our commitment to quality, Omega Seiki Mobility provides a wide selection of electric vehicles to accommodate different needs and tastes.

Additionally, by selecting Omega Seiki Mobility, you’ll have access to a wide range of industry knowledge and experience. We have seasoned specialists and authorities in the field of electric mobility on our team.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Being one of the top electric auto manufacturers in Maharashtra, Omega Seiki Mobility is committed to providing excellent support and customer care at all levels. Our expert staff is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our offerings.

Additionally, investing in sustainability and environmental responsibility is a requirement of selecting Omega Seiki Mobility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles Manufacturer

Electric mopido, electric rickshaws, electric tippers, and electric trucks, are among the many kinds of vehicles produced by Omega Seiki Mobility.
Compared with regular vehicles that are powered by diesel, electric ones provide several benefits, such as cheaper running costs, less emissions, and quieter, more efficient operation.
Yes, a lot of today’s electric vehicle models have fast charging capabilities and advanced battery technology, which makes them perfect for long journeys.
Consider things like the manufacturer’s track record, the features and range of their vehicles, the accessibility of charging facilities, and the support and servicing provided after buying it when selecting an electric vehicle manufacturer.
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