Richard Gerstenberg

CEO, Omega Seiki Mobility Europe

Richard was born and raised in Germany but gained Australian citizenship as well. He holds an MBA in Economics & Business Administration from the University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany and a Harvard Business School certificate in Corporate Performance. Richard is a leader and team player who engages all parties in his plans and actions.

Richard led the international and multicultural post-acquisition integration of companies in Japan and Switzerland and negotiated licensing and co-commercialisation deals of significant deal value. He also chaired the alliances and co-commercialization committee with business partners, including Pfizer. Richard was the VP of Marketing & Sales with clients in more than 50 countries but also gained hands on experience as District Sales Manager of an award-winning sales team on the Central Coast of Australia.

He has been associated with several other brands including the likes of Nippon Hexal Corporation (now Sandoz), Mitsui & Co., Boehringer Ingelheim and Ginsana (now SFI).

He has a vision for planning and implementing projects, and he is passionate about improving the health and welfare of others. He understands how to align marketing (strategies) with sales (execution). Richard has been felicitated with the 2007 Asia Pacific Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame Award by Prof. Kaplan of Harvard University.

Richard is also an avid long-distance hiker and loves landscape-gardening. He is also a black belt holder in Akkido, a Japanese martial art form.

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