OSM three wheeler electric vehicle


5 Reasons why EV is better than Diesel vehicle

Global efforts are being made to fight global warming and catastrophic climate change. As a result, EV’s are becoming more popular in the automotive sector. The world has seen a significant switch from diesel to EV’s. There are several good reasons to switch to EV’s. Let’s uncover a few!

Vehicle polluting the environment
Diesel three wheeler polluting the environment
  • Government Assistance

The EV sector is being supported by governments all over the globe through subsidies and regulations. Compared to diesel vehicles, registration and road taxes for EV’s are lower in India across most states.

  • You save some extra bucks!

Any vehicle’s operating and maintenance costs make up a sizable portion of overall cost of ownership. The fact that EV’s are inexpensive and easy to maintain only enhances their merits. OSM EV has an operating cost that is one-fourth of any diesel car available in the market.

  • Environment friendly

Due to EV’s zero tailpipe emissions than diesel cars, they have helped to improve the quality of the air. Compared to diesel vehicles, they produce no greenhouse gases hence their involvement in polluting the air is zero. 

  • EV reduces noise pollution

It is well established that noise affects the ecosystem naturally and it throws the entire system out of balance. EV’s due to their reduced noise emissions compared to diesel vehicles, electric vehicles are  silent and they have significantly helped in reducing noise pollution.

  • Simple to drive in!

EV’s have no gear system which makes them more accessible to drive and better acceleration over greater distance is just a bonus. Instead of frantically searching for petrol stations, you can conveniently charge them from the comfort of your home at a cheaper and more reasonable price.

OSM three wheeler electric vehicle
OSM three wheeler electric vehicle makes driving more convenient and sustainable


By developing new innovations every day, manufacturing businesses are doing their part to make electric vehicles the new future. To make driving even more convenient and sustainable for users, more modern materials would be used in battery technologies. With each passing day, electric vehicles  surpass diesel vehicles as the preferred mode of transportation. The rhythm is unbreakable. 

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