International Day for Girlchild


Empowering the Girl Child: Changing the Narrative

International Day for the Girl Child is celebrated on October 11 every year. We reflect on the social issues that continue to persist in our society, despite our celebrations and prayers to nine different goddesses during the upcoming festival. We at OSM resonates deeply with: “Bring the Change from within.” In this blog, we will shed light on the pressing challenges that girls and women face daily and explore how we can bring about meaningful change.


1. Dowry: An Outdated Tradition

  • Despite its harms, dowry remains an age-old tradition.
  • Women often face violence or even death when unable to meet steep dowry demands.
  • The need to break free from this oppressive practice.

2. Child Marriage: Robbing Childhoods

  • The persistent issue of child marriage.
  • Young girls married off to much older men, robbing them of their childhoods and futures.
  • The urgency to end this archaic custom.

3.  Domestic Violence: A Harsh Reality

  • Shocking statistics revealing the prevalence of domestic and sexual violence.
  • Creating safe spaces for women and girls to report abuse.

4. Gender Inequality: Striving for Equal Opportunities

  • Wage disparities and barriers to leadership positions that women still face.
  • The need to foster a more inclusive society.

5. Poor Sanitation: A Daily Struggle

  • The disheartening lack of safe sanitation facilities for women.
  • The daily risks to safety and well-being that women face.

6. Online Harassment: The Dark Side of the Virtual World

  • The pervasive issues of online harassment and threats.
  • The unauthorised sharing of personal information making the virtual world unsafe for women.

7. Human Trafficking: A Horrifying Reality

  • The horrifying reality of human trafficking.
  • Young girls and women deceived and trapped in exploitative situations.

8. Gender-Based Cultural Norms: Breaking the Mold

  • The confinement of women to traditional roles.
  • Limiting their potential and perpetuating inequality.

9. Lack of Access to Quality Education: Overcoming Barriers

  • Safety concerns that deter parents from sending their daughters for quality education.
  • Depriving girls of opportunities and a brighter future.

Key Takeaway:

This International Day for the Girl Child, our celebrations and prayers to the goddesses should translate into tangible action. To empower and honor girls and women, we must start by acknowledging and addressing these pressing social issues. True change begins from within each of us. Let us pledge to dismantle harmful traditions, support survivors of abuse, and work toward a society where every girl can fulfill her potential without limitations.

As we celebrate the devis in our lives, let us also commit to being agents of change, ensuring that the world becomes a safer, fairer, and more inclusive place for every girl child. Together, we can #BringTheChangeFromWithin

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