OSM to supply 5,000 EVs to Porter for eco-friendly last mile delivery

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) is working with several partners to make last-mile delivery eco-friendly. The latest announcement with Porter is the company’s small step towards India’s goal of net-zero.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you have forgotten to send a birthday present to a friend, or you told your mother that you would do some errands for her, but you got caught up in some business and now you have run out of time. You need a faster service that can make the delivery at the same time, in fact in a few hours.

There comes Porter, with its fastest and hassle-free delivery services. To make it a solution where everyone benefits the consumer, OSM has joined hands with Porter by turning this project into a green and sustainable business.

OSM to supply 5,000 EVs to Porter

Porter is an intra-city logistics marketplace provider. It is operational in thirteen cities and has an extensive fleet base of more than 2,00,000 vehicles. They run more than 75,000 enterprise trips in a month. It offers the most efficient and time-bound logistic services for businesses. OSM will now join hands with the company.

After the hit of Covid-19, the entire world saw a paradigm shift in e-commerce volumes. This opened an untapped pool of potential consumers that can reach you across the world. As a result, last-mile delivery services saw a spike in demand. This is where OSM comes to be a part of this revolution. 

This collaboration is like Marvel and DC coming together to fight the ultimate evil

OSM to supply 5000 EVs to Porter

Accordingly, OSM announced its collaboration with Porter. The company will deploy five thousand Electric Cargo Vehicles in Porter’s last-mile delivery services across India. The aim is to transform the logistics market into a sustainable and cleaner sector. This goal could only be reached through the electrification of the last-mile delivery services across the country. Team OSM set their sight on reaching this milestone by 2023.

Omega Seiki Mobility and Porter are the two big guns that came together to fight the evils of logistic industry. Given the circumstances this collaboration is the unquestionable hero that the logistics industry was looking for.

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