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OSM celebrates World Environment Day every day – From the Editor’s Desk

World Environment Day for OSM is not just a topical content idea but an everyday affair

As the World once again celebrates World Environment Day, OSM is not just an electric vehicle company. It is a one-stop mobility solution provider. It is a part of the clean energy revolution in India. OSM is the result of years of research in the sector and a thirst for changing the last-mile logistics sector with eco-friendly vehicles with zero-tailpipe emission.

It is very convenient to put a post on social media on June 5 every year.  And then forget about sustainability for the rest of the year. OSM does not believe in that. It does not want the Day to end as topical content idea. For me, every day of the year is World Environment Day.

Change is not possible in a day. There are 28.90 crore vehicles registered in India as per Vahan portal. The total number of electric vehicles registered in India is a meagre 10.90 lakh units. Four and a half lakh units of these 11 odd lakh units were bought in the last fiscal.

OSM products helping fight climate change one delivery at a time

EVs in the Indian last-mile delivery segment will be a game-changer. Adding to India’s thrust for reaching net-zero.

OSM Rage Plus EVs reduce 8,400 tons of carbon dioxide emission in a year. It takes 3.36 lakh trees to absorb this much CO2!

Sustainable development is at the core of Omega Seiki Mobility. We have not stopped at that. Our group company Omega Bright Steel is reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. Khel Now, our digital sports media platform runs its servers on 100% renewable energy.

OSM Rage+ Frost
OSM Rage+ Frost in action

OSM has brought down the dependence on paper-based communication in the last fiscal. Besides, OSM will eliminate the use of paper in its offices by March 2023.

There is no Planet B. Let us all work together to transform planet earth and protect it for the future generation.

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