OSM Muse – the future of shared mobility

OSM Muse is a next-generation concept vehicle for the House of OSM, to be the future of last-mobility solutions. At the Auto Expo – 2023, we unveiled this vehicle as our concept vehicle. Our R&D team in Faridabad designed and developed this vehicle. All things considered, OSM Muse has been explicitly designed to make greater use of shared mobility.

What sets the OSM Muse apart

OSM Muse is India’s first air-conditioned EV three-wheeler making it an ideal option even on the hottest days. The four-door feature enables the passenger with ample space to enter and exit the vehicle comfortably. The OSM Muse is equipped with an electric motor that provides instant torque, smooth acceleration, and quiet operation. This powerful motor delivers a maximum output of 8 kW and a top speed of 50 kmph, making it perfect for city commuting and short trips. The motor contains rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, which is designed to provide a long-range and decent performance.

OSM Muse – the Shared Mobility Champion

Shared mobility is a concept that has gained significant limelight in recent years, driven by the need for a green, practical, and convenient mode of transportation. The rise of shared mobility has shaken the traditional methods and provided a solution for growing  traffic on roads, cutting down on carbon emissions, and giving easy access to transportation for those who need it most. With the advent of EVs, OSM Muse is the future of shared mobility and that looks brighter than ever before.

Mr. Uday Narang, Founder Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility with OSM Muse at Auto Expo - 2023
Mr. Uday Narang, Founder Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility with OSM Muse at Auto Expo – 2023

Additionally, the cost of EVs has reduced in recent years, making them available to a larger number of people. In comparison to a traditional vehicle, The cost of charging an electric vehicle is much lower. This helps to reduce the operating costs of shared mobility providers. As well as makes EVs a more attractive option for passengers. Electric vehicles are becoming profitable, making them a cost-effective option for shared mobility.

Summing it up

To sum it all up, OSM Muse will be a  game changer in the world of green mobility. With its innovative features, eco-friendly nature, and practical price, it offers a comfortable and green alternative to traditional vehicles. OSM Muse is the 2-in-1 solution to save oneself from traveling in heat and taking positive steps for climate change. The increase in demand for shared mobility is directly related to increase in number of OSM Muse on the road. Besides, it will further contribute to a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.


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