OSM Rage+ Frost


OSM Rage+ Frost- India’s first electric refrigerated three-wheeler

Rage+ Frost – India’s first electric refrigerated three-wheeler

The OSM Rage+ Frost is the perfect solution to India’s insufficient cold chain infrastructure, In India, almost 40% of food is lost, and one third of losses occur during storage and transit. When the world was going through its darkest period and urgently needed some innovation. To improve and accelerate the delivery of COVID-19 vaccine and medication, OSM introduced Rage+ Frost. Let’s find out more about it!

Rage frost

Power Train and Battery Range


OSM Rage+ Frost is designed and developed in a way that has a mileage of 80 km on a single charge. Besides, this electric vehicle charging duration is 3-4 hours that can be done from the comfort of your home. Unlike ICE cars, electric vehicles feature a powertrain that draws energy from the battery and distributes it to other components. We may relate the way the engine works with a plant’s stem. Further, it can transport up to 400 kg of fresh goods preventing them from perishing.




Rage+ Frost was created as a solution to logistics related issues related to cold chain storage, and last-mile delivery of vaccines and medicines. The latter became an even serious issue during the time when COVID-19 pandemic was spreading globally. The purpose behind launching an electric three-wheeler cargo vehicle with refrigeration characteristics was to feed two birds with one scone. It assisted in accelerating last mile deliveries along with advancing India’s goal of being a clean, green, and sustainable country.


Technology behind the vehicle


Let’s take a brief glance at the technology employed in this electric three-wheeler. This electric loading vehicle gives an unparalleled driving experience provided to the rider by its top-notch aerodynamic design. Rage+ Frost is a fully automatic electric three-wheeler with no clutch or gear system. When fully loaded, Boost mode makes it possible to cross flyovers without much difficulty.  Once charged to capacity, it offers unrestricted driving range and running costs as low as Rs 1.25/Km. Many cities levy no road tax on many vehicles and on top of it there’s no filter or lubrica tion cost due to its quality of being electric.




It is a multipurpose, economical vehicle that also preserves the environment. It comes with a big windscreen, twin headlights and taillights that provides the driver a greater view of the road for a comfortable and smooth ride. All this while keeping perishable goods and medicines safe at appropriate temperature. Overall, this vehicle is a golden egg for the industry.

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