OSM Rage+ Vicktor – India’s First Electric three-wheeler to travel 250 km in a single charge

Introducing the OSM Rage+ Vicktor – India’s longest range EV three-wheeler.

A popular myth that is linked with Electric Vehicles is that they don’t offer greater driving ranges. Team OSM recognizes that a vehicle efficiency is a crucial factor in deciding the success of an Electric Vehicle. New advancements are being made every day in the field of electric mobility. Team OSM created a unique, ground-breaking three-wheeled electric vehicle, Rage+ Vicktor to dispel this notion. OSM Rage+ Vicktor is a revolutionary product designed in a way that tackles the problem of range anxiety. Let’s learn more about it!

Powertrain, Battery, and Range

Electric Vehicles are often associated with having less range. It creates range anxiety in the masses contemplating if they would reach their set destination or not. Giving in to the inevitable, Team OSM undertook the challenge of achieving the unachievable. We took Rage+ Vicktor on a trial run for 250 km on a single battery charge and succeeded in accomplishing the seemingly impossible task.

Rage+ Vicktor uses an advanced lithium-ion battery, and which has high energy per unit mass. In layman’s term, they feature good high-temperature performance, and minimal self-discharge.

Further, the long range OSM Rage+ Vicktor EV three-wheeler will be a boon for logistics partners who are seeking solutions for inter city deliveries. The Vicktor will be the perfect eco-friendly solution for such partners.


This Electric three-wheeler cargo vehicle has a range of more than 250 km on a single charge. If you’re having difficulty setting up and streamlining your business to run effectively, Rage+ Vicktor is the solution to all your logistical problems. Withal, it can be applied to both hub to hub as well as hub and spoke models. Further, it has no downtime, and you can work all day with different drivers.

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OSM Rage+ Vicktor in action
India’s first Electric Vehicle to travel 250 km on a single battery charge

People in general are hesitant to buy an EV essentially because of its short driving range. They are also afraid of ease of charging after covering a short distance. All things considered, OSM Rage+ Vicktor offers better efficiency. It certainly provides an assurance to its customers that their vehicle would give longer driving ranges and get them to their set destination. Finally, Rage+ Vicktor is proven to be a very efficient Electric Vehicle to tackle range anxiety.

Book your OSM Rage+ Vicktor from your nearest dealership at a discounted price of Rs. 6.20 lacs for first 999 customers.

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