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How can EVs revolutionise the logistics sector?

Key Role of Logistics Sector

If we look at the definition of logistics, it is an act of arranging and transporting resources to the customers. This can include food, clothes, inventories, materials, and people from one site to the intended storage centre. It is the management of the flow of commodities from one place of origin to another to suit customers’ needs. Without logistics the country’s economy will hit rock bottom as it is the backbone of the country’s economy.

It affects all three major pillars of a country’s economy – agriculture, manufacturing, and services. By 2027, the Global logistics industry is expected to be worth 12,975.64 billion dollars. 

Nonetheless, consider a world in which you can order things at your fingertips, but they cannot be delivered. This is where logistics comes into play for the entire market ecosystem. Without an effective and timely logistics sector, the supply and demand chain are incomplete.

EV is the new Marvel Superhero for the logistics industry

It is widely believed that EVs are the future beyond any doubt. Besides, the use of electric vehicles has increased over the last decade, showing a major change in consumer preference towards a cleaner and more sustainable means of delivery. 

OSM Rage+
OSM Rage+ Rapid EV Pro, Electric three-wheeler vehicle at Moeving

Rapid deliveries, shorter distances, and defined routes revolutionised the logistics sector. For the same reason, their minimal maintenance and superior range, EVs are loved by all. They have the potential to add value by leading to regular savings in operation and maintenance. With the flexibility to charge it from the comfort of your home, it saves you from having to wait in a lengthy line to get diesel. Their zero-tailpipe emission makes them the most ethical and sustainable choice for consumers.

Indian Government and Team OSM on revolutionising the EV market.

All things considered, the Indian government introduced its National Logistics Policy.  At this point, the government intends to reduce costs from 14% of GDP by at least 5 points. Another key point to the National Logistics Policy is that EVs can lead the way. Additionally, Electric Vehicles have a running cost that is 1/4th that of a typical vehicle. At the policy’s debut, our Prime Minister spoke about the idea behind it. He also shared ideas on what can be done to achieving it. He said, “National Policy is simply a beginning, policy plus performance equals progress.” Team OSM will stop at nothing to ensure that we can make this policy successful for everybody via the upgraded version of EVs.

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