World EV Day- Team OSM joining the worldwide effort to Drive Change

World EV Day is celebrated on September 9 every year worldwide to celebrate the e-mobility sector. This is an initiative to spread awareness among people about the importance of Electric Vehicles. Besides, all EV stakeholders across the world organise various campaigns have been run to accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

World EV Day origins

In the year 2020, the first-ever EV day was celebrated. Following the global pandemic that instilled fear in people’s hearts. The pandemic induced lockdown made us more sensitive to pressing global issues like climate change. Today, we are motivated to make efforts to prevent such disastrous situations to take place again. Besides, we should always strike before the situation becomes unmanageable and untreatable.

One of the issues that has been plaguing humanity is climate change, and its effects have already began to pinch humanity. Additionally, extreme weather conditions, sudden weather changes, and frequent cyclones are some of the clear indications of climate change.

India has the golden opportunity to drive the change as emerge as a world leader. Not just the decade but the century belongs to us. Developing clean, green, and sustainable mobility solutions not just for India but the world is the first step towards this. Team Omega Seiki Mobility is fully committed to make this a reality.

It is our Founder Chairman’s dream to make #HarGharElectric and enable everyone to be #ElectricseSamarth.

Message from OSM Chairman Mr. Uday Narang


Omega Seiki Mobility commits to a clean, green and sustainable future and pledges to give EV a new face for the last mile transportation industry. We will also roll out new Electric vehicles along with putting public charging stations at strategic locations where EVs can be charged conveniently. It will benefit both the environment and our customers.

Developing indigenous technology which can emerge as a sustainable mobility solution for not just the Indian market but the world. After all, climate change cannot be tackled only on a local or country level but the planet as a whole. OSM’s range of Electric four-wheelers, three-wheelers, and soon to be launched high-performance two-wheelers, find itself at home in any weather and environment conditions across the world.


The government has done its part with subsidies, FAME schemes, and the recently introduced PLI schemes. Consumers have the hunger for EVs. It is now in the hands of India Inc to satiate this demand with quality products.”

Additionally, EVs are easy on the pocket and also preserve the environment. It is the answer to all of our concerns about the environment. Team OSM will continue to contribute to the global effort to usher in the new change and make electric vehicles the future, albeit in a sustainable way.

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