Happy Teacher’s Day to the Founders of Electric Vehicles

Omega Seiki Mobility was born to provide a solution for rising pollution and drastically changing climate. OSM brought back Electric Vehicles in trend after almost 200 years to replace ICE vehicle, which contributes 1/3rd of the air pollution in cities. OSM dreams of making electric vehicle more widely used, particularly in India. To make this a commonality, the company introduced OSM Rage+ to provide a suitable solution for the transportation needs of small enterprises, logistics, and fleet operators among others.

Alessandro Volta

Tribute to the pioneering scientists in the field of Electric Vehicles

This would not have been possible without the teachers of Electric Vehicles. The framework for the development of electric motors were set with the creation of Alessandro Volta’s invention of the battery in 1800, while Hans Christian Oersted produced magnetic fields from electric current in 1820, laying the groundwork for their development.

Hans Christian Orsted

The discovery and study of electromagnetic induction by Michael Faraday, renowned as the “father of electricity,” provides the basis to produce electricity. Nikola Tesla in 1887 had a fall out with his investor. Due to a lack of funds, he was compelled to work as a labourer for two years. He continued on improving his ideas until he invented the induction motor, which is powered by an AC motor.

Michael Faraday

This National Teacher’s Day, Team OSM pays tribute to the foundation laying scientists without whose contribution Electric Vehicles as we know it today would not have been possible. We also pledge that we will continue to strive towards democratising EVs in India. Making them increasingly accessible to the masses so that all of us can contribute to improving air quality in cities. Besides, EVs also help in fighting climate change.

India has been a shining beacon for the world in ancient times and it is now time for us to guide the world to a better future. Further, we will introduce more EVs which will add new value to not just our customers but also the environment.

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