OSM ethos – need to unlearn and relearn in modern day industries

New age industries, like OSM, require quite a distinct set of skills and capabilities. They need agility, multi-skilling and a deep understanding of business. The business environment today is becoming increasingly volatile with each passing day. Various external forces like geopolitical, supply chain, economics are impacting businesses.

Most of these are unexpected and unforeseen, having a profound impact on our lives. The key to success in modern businesses would be getting ready for it before the change comes. One thing to remember here is unlearning. My advice to all the young boys and girls out there is to be prepared to unlearn and relearn.

Several routine jobs, for example accounting, legal, and secretarial may become redundant and get replaced by AI. It’s like typewriters and fax machines getting replaced by the internet.

OSM is ready for Industry 4.0 learning from the mistakes of past giants

The new age of Industry 4.0 will destroy several current industries, remember how small hand-held cameras, personal music systems, infotainment devices changed evolved into smartphones, and commerce. That’s the power of technology. OSM firmly believes in democratising technology.

Nokia and Kodak did not die because they were at a loss for capable people. They had some of the smartest people in the industry, however they failed to see what was coming. Learning is the key to surviving in the new world of business. Nature keeps us grounded by gravity.

OSM believes that the world will be a better place with Electric Vehicles which are not just the Future but also the Present!

However, gravity prevents us from flying. We need to be humble and learn at the same time to be ambitious enough to fly higher than ever. Passion is the key to being successful in whatever you do. Remember dinosaurs did not die because they were weak, in fact their physical strength became an impediment to survival.

In the end they died because they did not adapt. They did not change.

It is time to move to Electric. It is not just the Future but the Present! We will all have to adapt lest we become a part of history.

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