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Rage+ a Made in India all-electric three-wheeler cargo vehicle

Omega Seiki Mobility was born in 2018 with a dream to make Electric Vehicles a household entity, especially in India. To make this a reality, the company introduced the OSM Rage+ in 2020.

The OSM Rage+ is an all-electric three-wheeler cargo vehicle designed, developed and Made in India. Apart from this, it is the perfect solution for the transportation needs of small businesses, logistics, fleet operations, and many more.

OSM Rage+ aerodynamic design was done with its customer’s needs in mind. further, it has a host of attractive features including the likes of an all-digital instrumentation console and rider doors.

OSM Rage+
India’s most loved electric three-wheeler.

Another key point is that the OSM Rage+ is fitted with a cushioned backrest. It also offers a decent amount of headroom. Besides, the dashboard has space to hold both your phone and wallet, and other belongings.

Carriage Box

OSM Rage+ is offered with different loading carriage options to fit the needs of customers.

These include:

  1. Loading Tray (6 Feet).
  2. 125 CFT Metal Box.
  3. 140 CFT Metal Box.
  4. 170 CFT Metal Box.

Battery Options

To fit the demands of our consumers, Omega Seiki Mobility has worked with several partners to create the perfect fit with Made in India batteries. That being said, these powerpacks comply with Indian and international regulatory standards.

OSM Rage+ is available in these powerpack options:

  1. A 10.8 kWh battery which has a range of 120 km on a single charge and takes 3-4 hours to juice up.
  2. A 5.8 kWh rapid charging battery which can be charged in just 35 minutes and returns a range of 65 km.
  3. Adding a new meaning to convenience is a 4.5 kWh swappable battery setup.  Above all, a swap takes just 3 minutes.

Special versions of Rage+

To further meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers, Team OSM’s R&D division has produced certain specialised versions of the Rage+:

Garbage Tipper

A specialised version of the OSM Rage+ for institutional customers with a special garbage with a unique hydraulic setup to carry garbage. Another key point is that it provides an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional diesel burning garbage disposal vehicle.

Rage+ Tipper
A solution for transporting waste garbage in an eco-friendly manner.

Rage+ Frost

The OSM Rage+ Frost is India’s first refrigerated all-electric three-wheeler which can keep the contents of its storage box cool at 0 degree Celsius. Consequently, click on the link to know more about the vehicle.

Rage+ Frost
Electrifying the last-mile delivery for cold-chain.

Further, to know more about the OSM Rage+ at the present time, head to the nearest Omega Seiki Mobility dealer near you.

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